3 thoughts on “Sunspots and El Nino?

  1. Based upon entirely what I read as part of the CWG reporting at WaPo and related article, and purely on what Leamon is saying, my assessment is they have nothing. There’s no substantial evidence for their claims of anything. There is interesting speculation, but it lacks a physical mechanism.

    There must be places where the triggering fails to manifest and the explanation of those failures in the context of this hypothesis will go a long way to ascertain how seriously the proposal should be taken. There will be failures because sometimes by chain other phenomena will overpower this driving mechanism, masking it, and sometimes the transition will happen without the forcing.

    Those cases will bound how strong the causal link is, and even if there is one. For the sunspot transition needs to couple into the atmosphere in some manner, and THAT is the place where inhibition or amplification or neutrality matters, not the sunspots.

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