Model Ontology

In Chapter 10 of the book we touch on organization of environmental models.

“Furthermore, by applying ontology‐based approaches for organizing models and techniques, we can set the stage for broader collections of such models discoverable by a general community of designers and analysts. Together with standard access protocols for context modeling,
these innovations provide the promise of making environmental context models generally available and reusable, significantly assisting the energy analyst.”

Energy Transition : Applying Probabilities and Physics

Although we didn’t elaborate on this topic, it is an open area for future development, as our 2017 AGU presentation advocates. The complete research report is available as

What we missed on the first pass was an ontology for citations titled CiTO (Citation Typing Ontology) which enables better classification and keeping track of research lineage. The idea again is to organize and maintain scientific knowledge for engineering and scientific modeling applications. As an example, one can readily see how the Citation Typing Ontology could be applied, with the is_extended_by object property representing much of how science and technology advances — in other words, one finding leading to another.

2 thoughts on “Model Ontology

  1. The CITO found via VV’s comment on

    My comment:

    “Entertaining reading Willard pontificating on the way SOTA experimental research proceeds. The fact is that if you are involved in a truly productive research discipline, replication of experiments is almost always replaced by leapfrogging of results by competing teams. No one is going to waste their time replicating someone else’s experiment when they can one-up the ante with a more advanced result or a new finding, especially when you promised your funders that the $4M experimental apparatus that they paid for wasn’t going to be used for making new discoveries.

    I like Victor’s “ontology of reasons” approach. I was recently involved in a project that applied concepts from the semantic web (ontology applied to the WWW as advocated by Berners-Lee) to organize scientific knowledge for engineering and modeling applications

    I can readily see how the Citation Typing Ontology could be applied, with the is_extended_by object property representing much of how science advances.”


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