Deleted comment

I responded indirectly to a post Bakken dataas a comment on The Oil Drum. The comment showed up and then disappeared.

It was still in my cache when I discovered it was deleted, and reproduced here (click to enlarge)

This was nothing new, but a rephrasing of analysis work from last year:

Both Rockman’s and my comment was apparently deleted, with no reason why.  I have learned that one can’t complain publicly about why a comment would get deleted on The Oil Drum, as that is grounds for a temporary banishment from posting any further comments.

But I can complain all I want here because this is my space. It sucks because I spend time doing the analysis and then it goes into a black hole.

BTW, Stuart Staniford does not seem to add anything as an analyst. He is no Kevin Drum,
who wrote this piece.  Interesting that one can use the convolution algorithms of the oil shock model to model the crime rate variation as it follows the gasoline lead content over the last century. Crime rate tracks the convolution of lead content over time with a delay function describing a distribution of adult maturation times (peaking around 20 years of age). I bet Drum is right in the correlation and cause.


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