Mathematical GeoEnergy, update

The book is now available from these sellers: 1119434297[1]

Amazon: Mathematical Geoenergy: Discovery, Depletion and Renewal

Barnes&Noble: Mathematical Geoenergy: Discovery, Depletion and Renewal

Publisher – Wiley/AGU: Mathematical Geoenergy: Discovery, Depletion and Renewal


Outline and Chapter overviews

Errata Page 

Presentations at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) meeting in Washington D.C.

Mathematical GeoEnergy

Book will be out next year published by Wiley

This blog will be ramped up for the book, but contains all the research leading up to the book.

Two papers at AGU 2017:



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Tropics, poles and reefs

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2014, 2015 and 2016 played a recurring theme of El Nino. A tentative El Nino in late 2014 and early 2015 segued with a stutter into a strong El Nino in 2015/2016 dragging global temperatures in train. Temperatures in the tropical Pacific dropped a bit after that and may or may not have slipped into La Nina depending on which agency you listen to, but now, it looks like El Nino might be coming back: surface water temperatures in the eastern Pacific, off the coast of South America, have risen to four or more degrees above average although they’ve not spread further west and a number of seasonal forecasting centres are suggesting that temperatures might continue to rise. No one’s called it an El Nino, yet, but the effects of the elevated sea-surface temperatures are sadly plain to see. Heavy rain in Peru has already led to flooding and all the…

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